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Eastern Coalition Recruitment Information

Post by Kakashii » Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:24 am

Eastern Coalition Recruitment Process

Here at the Eastern Coalition, we like to keep things as casual as possible.

However, if we did not incorporate some structure into our organisation, we would not be running one of the most successful and fun guilds on the Coirnav server.

So, you want to join Eastern Coalition? Great! We want you!

You may begin by doing one of two things.

1. Contact an Eastern Coalition member and express your desire to join our ranks. Our member will direct you to the first person available to help you. If the Recruitment Officer, or other Officer is available, you will be asked a series of questions and given the opportunity to ask your own questions regarding our organisation. Possible invite will be extended at this point.
2. Go directly to https://forums.easterncoalition.com > recruitment and fill out an application. On approval, we will seek you out and extend a guild invite.
3. Regardless of which above step was taken to get into our organisation, we will require that you register on our site at http://forums.easterncoalition.com - Registering will keep you up to date on events, provides you with a member's forum, and is where we keep track of your event attendance, earning you DKP which can be exchanged for amazing loot. You have 3 days from invite to register on our guild site. Failure to do so can result in a reminder that should not go unheeded.

Probationary Period:

Congratulations! You're a probationary member of the Eastern Coalition! What now?

Well, you are not off Scot-free yet. Familiarise yourself with the EQ and EC Codes of Conduct, found here:

https://help.daybreakgames.com/hc/en-us ... of-Conduct

And here:

“Be mature players.

We’re all adults, some of us veterans of the game that have played since Day 1 of EQ being released. What won’t be tolerated is whining or annoying people. Nor are we here to hold your hand and play the game for you. Treat your fellow guild members with respect, use manners and always be polite. By all means ask for help if needed and try to provide help to your fellow guild mates when you can.

Play the game by DBG's rules.

There is no exception to this, we don't cheat, hack or exploit in this guild.

Don't bring guild name into disrepute.

As long as you play within the guild name you need to manage our guild's reputation. We expect everyone within this guild to acknowledge they carry our guild tag and that they represent us in zones, in pick up groups, public channels and on message boards. Please take note of that and before you do anything that may affect our reputation, think twice. If you keep advocating actions that affect our guilds reputation and name, you will be removed.

In general as long as someone isn't rude, obnoxious and breaking the rules he/she should be fine.”

Failure to play within these guidelines will result in a minimum of a warning and a maximum of expulsion from Eastern Coalition.

Your probationary period will last a minimum of two weeks. Why two weeks? In this two week period, we are just making sure we all get along and are a good fit for each other. No worries, we usually get along with everyone.

However, at the end of two weeks, it is your responsibility to remind the Recruitment Officer that your probationary period has ended. At this point, at the Recruitment Officer's discretion, your probationary period can be extended another week, or you can be made a full member. If your probationary period is extended another week, you will be informed why and what we can do to fix the situation.

Note: If you have been removed for bad behaviour, or not following EQ and EC Codes of Conduct, none of this will apply to you. Bye-bye!

Failure to inform the Recruitment Officer that your probationary period has ended, will result in you sitting in recruit limbo for as long as it takes for you to remember your responsibility.

Note: The Recruitment Officer may at their own discretion promote you to full member with or without your reminder. Please remember, this is still your responsibility.

Congratulations! You are a full member of the Eastern Coalition!

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